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KayDee Gilkey hosts Open Range a 2 1/2 minute daily radio program that covers, issues, lifestyle and lore of the American West. Those of us  that make our homes  west of the Rockies are passionate about conservation, energy, fish and wildlife, fishing, hunting, riding,  ranching and yes our western traditions including round-ups and rodeos.

"The west isn't merely a place, rather a place of mind."



  • Farming Statistics

    No one will contest that the Northwest’s own Bill Gates is a smart man, yet given that fact it’s surprising that so many so called intellectuals oppose his belief that modern production agriculture

  • The World's Smartest Horse

    Google and Yahoo call him the smartest horse, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN have all covered his story , believe me, you’ll be be surprised to learn what breed of horse he is.

  • Brucellosis Found in Idaho Beef Cow

    Brucellosis was found last week in an Eastern Idaho beef cow. How will that impact our region?

  • NW Home of Freeze Branding

    The Northwest is known for a host of great things…..We’re the home of Nike, Nordstrom’s fine wine, fabulous coffee and... Freeze branding.

  • Lightening Strikes Ranches

    I will never forget the scene in my all time favorite western Lonesome Dove where the lighting ran across the horns of the cattle herd. It still gives me chills.

  • Pick the Sex of Your Foal

    In the ranch horse business geldings bring top dollar, so imagine what it would mean if breeders could pick the sex of their foals.

  • Elites attack Western Women When They Attack Palin

    The women that settled the west were strong and versatile, they still are, a reason I view the treatment of Sarah Palin by the elites and mainstream media as a direct attack on my lifestyle.

  • Open Range Wrap Up

    Idaho Fish and Game discuss extending wolf hunting season while several hunters bagged tropheys in the PNW.

  • Subjects to Avoid at Holiday Parties

    Most of us were taught never to bring up politics or religion at a cocktail party well if you’re hob knobbing out west you’d be wise to add wolves to the list

  • The Wicked Witch of the West

    They call her the "Wicked Witch of the West " and she couldn’t be happier with the title.

  • Elites attack Western Women

    The woman that settled the West were strong and versatile,they still are a reason I view the treatment of Sarah Palin as an attack against me.

  • Mishap at Weapons Depot

    It was just a renegade tractor on a weapons depot, nothing to be worried about.

  • Open Range Wrap Up

    It’s Open Range wrap up, we caught a cattle rustler and the meat industry fights back!

  • Wisdom From the Master

    Because of men like Ray Hunt, we no longer use the word “break” in connotation with starting young horses.

  • It's Cowboy Christmas in Vegas

    From December 3rd through 12th Vegas will a sea of cowboy hats, and belts with bling showcasing the silver anniversary of the Wrangler National Final’s Rodeo.

  • Pondering Powder

    One thing the West does better than anywhere else in the US is generate powder.

  • Has Cabelas Gotten Too Big for it's Britches

    Sportmen worship in masses at Temple Cabela beneath stuffed Lion, tigers and bears and oh my their offerings have created a mega corporation that in the end could destroy it’s very followers.

  • Riding For Reading

    Junior rodeo has a good outreach to schools while English riding disciplines have often been perceived as elitist Riding for Reading works to change that!

  • Voters Approve Issue 2

    In what was viewed as a preemptive strike against animal rights activists Ohio voters overwhelming approved Issue 2, the ballot measure to amend the states constitution and create a livestock care standards board made up of ag industry professionals.

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