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Foundation-To-Build-On Foundation To Build On

As we take a look at the grain markets today, prices drifting lower but experts say this could be a good foundation to steadily build on

The-Taste-of-Beans The Taste of Beans

Mark Brick, Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Colorado State University has figured out how to breed an upright pinto bean.

Asparagus-Looks-Good Asparagus Looks Good

The 2016 asparagus crop is being harvested and looks good from the yield side, but...

Colorado-Energy-Office-Receives--1-1-Million-USDA-Award Colorado Energy Office Receives $1.1 Million USDA Award

Yesterday the Colorado Energy Office announced it has been awarded $1.1 million through the USDA to help finance even more energy efficiency improvements for Colorado farmers.

Five-State-Cherry-Meeting Five State Cherry Meeting

This year's cherry crop is looking really good and at the upcoming meeting, the numbers will come together.

New-PerforMix-Facility-Opening-in-Southern-Idaho New PerforMix Facility Opening in Southern Idaho

Although the Grand Opening doesn’t happen until May 18th, the newest PerforMix plant in Rupert, Idaho began producing product this week.

Thomas-Jefferson-Award--Workshops-for-Farmers Thomas Jefferson Award &Workshops for Farmers

A local legislator wins an award...and plan to attend a series of workshops for farmers.

Big-Asparagus Big Asparagus

Underneath the big, 100-year-old oak tree at Sunnyside Farms in New Plymouth, Idaho the word big has taken on new meaning at the asparagus stand.


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The Image of Farming

Historical research tells us that consumers trust farmers, however today's research also indicates that they not sure what farmers are doing at the present. There is an obvious disconnect.  Historical research tells us that consumers trust farmers, however today's reseach indicates that they not sure what they are doing now.

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Upcoming Ag Events

4/30, Stockshow Univeristy , Redmond OR
4/30, Divide Camp Benefit Dinner , Enterprise OR
5/3, Ag Water Workshop , Delta-Montrose Technical College in Delta CO.
5/6 - 4/28, 86th FFA Convention , WSU Pullman
5/12 - 5/14, Washington FFA Convention, Pullman WA
5/12 - 5/14, Cattle Barons Weekend , Pendleton OR
5/13, Workshop on Non-Lethal Predation Management Techniques, Blue Mountain Community College , Pendleton
5/22 - 5/24, Oregon Cattlemen’s Association Midyear Event!, Sunriver, Oregon
5/22, Goat Academy and Auction , Goldendale WA
5/25, Fieve State Cherry Meeting , richland Red Lion
6/9, Colorado Wheat Growers Wheat Field Days – Baca County @ Plainsman Research Center , Baca County @ Plainsman Research Center
6/9, Colorado Wheat Growers Wheat Field Days –, Wheat Field Days – Prowers County @ Stulp Farms
6/9, Colorado Wheat Growers Wheat Field Days –, Wheat Field Days – Kiowa County @ Burl Scherler Farms
6/14, Pendleton Experiment Station Field Day , Pendleton OR
6/15, Moro Experiment Station Field Day , Moro Or
6/16 - 6/18, Sweet Onion Festival , Walla Walla
6/16 - 6/18, The World of Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla
6/18, Mt. High Broncs and Bulls, Wallowa Cty Fairgrounds, Enterprise OR
6/23, Idaho Beef Council BBQ Bootcamp, Boise ID
7/26 - 7/31, Chief Joseph Days, Joseph OR
7/27 - 7/30, Hood River County Fair, Odell OR
8/2 - 8/6, Malheur CT Fair , Ontario OR
8/8 - 8/13, Baker Cty Fair , Baker OR
8/13 - 8/14, Harvest Fest with Horses , McMinnville OR
9/16 - 9/18, Colorado Wheat Growers Pedal the Plains ,
9/17, CSU Ag Day @ Hughes Stadium , CSU
10/8, Idaho Beef Council Race For Steaks , Boise ID
12/5 - 12/9, Irrigation Assoc Annual Meeting, Las Vegas NV