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  • Chlorpyrifos Decision

    Farm Bureau Praises EPA Chlorpyrifos Decision

  • AgriPro

    I asked Darcy Pawlik, a product marketing lead for Syngenta cereals about AgriPro for the Northwest.

  • Robotic Milking

    At Heber Loughmiller’s Hillside Dairy milk barn, in Elba, Idaho, cows have become best friends with robots.

  • Foreign Labor in Wool

    Foreign workers in the wool trade.

  • Sonny Purdue

    Got an email from the Agricultural Retailers Association

  • PETA Exposed

    A claim coming from the Center for Consumer Freedom in which a former PETA employee.

  • Confusion or fraud

    It is certainly no secret that the Humane Society of the United States along with other advocacy groups have targeted animal agriculture in a big way.

  • Beef Issues reports 35 members of Congress have joined a bipartisan congressional beef caucus.

  • Cattlemen's Challenge

    The cattlemen's challenges a futurity where producers around the state enter a steer or heifer.

  • Canals Open



  • Avian Influenza

    Recent detections of avian influenza in commercial poultry in the southeast US have caught the attention of animal health officials.

  • Soil Health PSA

    We do forest health projects, pre-commercial thinning projects to reduce the risk of wildfire in your forests.

  • Sheep Shearing Time

    Sheering season at Soulen Ranch

  • Potato Peels to Profit

    U of I Professor and researcher Dr. Lilian Alessa urges Idaho ag businesses to capture byproducts and waste and turn these materials into something very useful.

  • Onion Cleanup

    From a distance, the onion pile at Clay Peak landfill looks like another rolling foothill.

  • Quagga Interception

    ISDA Invasive Species Program announced the recent interception and impoundment of a mussel-fouled watercraft at the U.S. Highway 93 inspection station.

  • Old School Farming

    University of Idaho researcher Dr. Lilian Alessa strongly believes in the economic and sustainability values of using manure as a fertilizer.

  • Rotting Onions

    More than 14 storage facilities were damaged by one of the worst winters in a hundred years and millions of pounds of onions were lost.

  • Data Merger

    Two pioneers in agricultural big data – the Ag Data Coalition and the Grower Information Services Cooperative – have merged their technology repositories.

  • Retaliatory Tarriffs

    What with all the talk from the Trump administration about changing or actually negating the NAFTA trade agreement, the dairy industry is worried.

  • Smart Approach to Waste

    Dr. Lilian Alessa strongly believes in the economic and sustainability values of using manure, byproducts of food processing, and other agricultural and aqua cultural materials.

  • Home Delivery

    Alan Reed, owner of Reed's dairy in Idaho Falls bought a business in the Treasure Valley where he is going to deliver dairy goods via truck to people’s homes .

  • Trans Species Healthcare

    Strategies regarding disease control in pigs that could then adapt and apply to aquaculture.

  • Huge Snow

    Pacific Coast storms have dumped hundreds of Inches of snow from California through Nevada and the Northwest.

  • Animal Ag Alliance

    The theme for the 2017 Animal Agriculture Alliance’s Stakeholders Summit is “Connect to Protect Animal Ag: #ActionPlease2017.”

  • Snow Survey

    For over two decades Ron Abramovich has made his trek to Moore’s Creek Summit of Idaho city where one of many snowtel sites across the west is located.

  • Quagga Disaster

    Idaho officials are extremely concerned about the discovery of quagga mussels in Montana.

  • WOTUS Trimmed

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson applauded the Trump Administration’s executive order that directs the Army Corps of Engineers and EPA to review and reconsider WOTUS.

  • SEPA

    Idaho Senator Mike Crapo and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill led a bipartisan group of senators in introducing legislation that would eliminate a costly and redundant EPA regulation.

  • Foreign Born Labor

    The need for comprehensive immigration reform is real.

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