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  • Potato Truck

    One of the points of pride of the Idaho Potato Commission is its iconic potato truck and I called President and CEO of the Commission, Frank Muir.

  • Secretaries Meet

    It is very historic that the two secretaries were in the same meeting.

  • Wildfire Budget

    Simpson and Schrader Reintroduce Wildfire Disaster Funding Act

  • Predicting Drought

    Predicting drought

  • Expand Rural Infrastructure

    USDA Awards Loans to Build and Expand Rural Electric Infrastructure

  • Potato prices rising

    Carton prices for large potatoes have nearly doubled in recent weeks and I called Idaho Potato Commission President and CEO Frank Muir.

  • Simpson and wildfires

    Simpson Discusses Wildfires,

  • Shaver Transportation

    Rob Rich is with Shaver Transportation Company, which is a tug and barge line out of Portland, Oregon.

  • Feeder Canal

    Great Feeder Canal vital for irrigation and flood control

  • Simpson on Budget

    Idaho Congressman Mike Simpson released the following statement addressing the Administration’s FY18 Budget.

  • World Trade Month

    May is World Trade Month, a time set aside to acknowledge and reflect on the importance of global trade.

  • FCIC

    The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation made an announcement that approximately $4 million was available.

  • Aquifer and Idaho's ag economy

    The Snake River Plain controls the economy of much of southern Idaho, north and west of Pocatello.

  • Chobani Apology

    Chobani Apology

  • Flooding in Blaine Cty

    Blaine County Flooding ‘dangerous’

  • Idaho Wildfires

    Southern Idaho braces for Wildfire Season 

  • Trump crackdown has reported that a recent immigration raid at a Pennsylvania mushroom farm has heightened fears that President Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigration could widen

  • Sleight on NAFTA

    The U.S. Grains Council develops export markets for U.S. barley, corn, grain sorghum and related products.

  • Soil Health Video

    The Soil Health Partnership encourages farmers to reflect on steps they can take to make their land healthier.

  • Poor Winter Wheat

    Crop damage reports across the US shows that the size of the 2017/18 winter wheat crop will be down, which could bring prices up by the fall harvest. 

  • Amalgamated Sugar

    Idaho Farm Bureau reporter and blogger Jake Putnam has thoughts on Idaho's sugar beets.

  • Bayer and Monsanto

    The data support zero of their claims.

  • Chemigation Seminars

    Westy Pickup told me The Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) has announced a series of training seminars for those seeking a pesticide applicator license.

  • Glanbia Wins



  • Deepest of the Decade

    The swollen Boise River at Lucky Peak is running 8800 cubic ft. per second.

  • Idaho Wine Rave

    Wine Industry gets glowing endorsement

  • Layne Bangerter

    Layne Bangerter Is a Trump staffer from Melba, Idaho.

  • Disaster Declarations

    Jim Guthrie’s farm along the Portneuf River is under water.

  • Too Much Wheat

    One of the greatest years for wheat in 2016 in Idaho along with record yields in Oregon, Washington, Colorado,Nebraska, Texas, Kansas.

  • Spring Cattle Auctions

    Springtime means cattle auction barns are moving what's referred to as light weight cattle.

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