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David Sparks Ph.d TV Farm Series
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: May 19, 2017

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A blog from the Idaho Farm Bureau reported that BobCat Studios is calling their next blockbuster the American Farmer and they want to put viewers on the front lines of the battle farmers face every day: the business of raising the food that feeds the nation."It’s a complex story of family dynamics, punishing weather, cutting-edge science and old-school determination. But at its heart, the story of seed, soil and sun is also incredibly simple and lushly visual," said casting director Grace Dahlman??Dahlman is scouring the country looking for farm families that live a rugged lifestyle, and they're very interested in that farm family dynamic. They want to see what each and every family member does and they want to weave a story that shows the daily drama from the few that feed so many.??"American Farmer captures epic life-cycle imagery and puts it at the service of telling the stories of five farming families and their daily quest to put food on all of our tables," said Dahlman. The series will take a look at complex finances of the family farm from loans and taxes and subsidies to flat market prices. ??"There are Ups and downs in these massive systems can make a break a farmer’s season. We'll probe the science, technology, and impact of today’s practices by interviewing horticulturists, biologists, economists, historians, and the farmers themselves. Along the way, we discover what it means, and what it takes, to be an independent farmer in the modern era," said Dahlman.?

The end goal of the series is to show who grows our food and what it takes to put it on the table. ??"Some of the growers live almost exclusively on the food they produce, but most are consumers in the marketplace like all of us. We see where the food winds up, from high-end restaurants to military mess halls, private homes to mid-city food trucks, elementary school cafeterias to family picnics. Wherever the food goes, we follow, completing the trip from farm to fork," added Dahlman.??BobCat Studio is no stranger to episodic television, they produced the award winning series 'Deadliest Catch'. They company is now in the casting phase of this project and is looking for farmers in a nationwide search. If you fit the criteria or know someone that would be the perfect fit, BobCat wants to hear from you. You can email them at casting@bobcatpartners.com.?

"I think the series will put farmers in a positive light and would also give this vital, misunderstood industry exposure to a nationwide audience," said Dahlman. 


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