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KayDee Gilkey AniCell Biotech Runner UP in Venture Madness
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: March 14, 2017

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A relatively new company that has exciting regenerative products to treat both equine and canine ligament damages and hard-to-heal superficial wounds —- AniCell Biotech — has been named as the Venture Madness Runner Up. AniCell Biotech President and CEO Brandon Ames shares more competition details


Ames: “We’re nominated to participate in what’s called Venture Madness which is a spin-off of March Madness in which there were 82 companies in total that applied, 64 of them were seeded and the first two rounds — so it was head to head — very much a bracketology type deal. We ended up in the Sweet Sixteen. The remaining parts of the competition were held Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in which we mono a monoed our way to the final two.”


This was an exciting feat for the company which was created 22-months ago and has grown more than 450 percent. Ames continues


Ames: “We’re just excited about the various treatments that we’ve got that they have been so widely successful. From fractured bones in companion animals to tendon and ligament injuries in horses, eye injuries in dogs and horses as well as joint issues — any type of joint issues including reducing the affects of osteoarthrits."  


Go to AniCell Biotech’s website at anicellbiotech.com to learn more.

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