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Maura Bennett Thanksgiving Meal a Bargain
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: November 15, 2018

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As you prepare the shopping list for Thanksgiving you may be happy to hear the feast will be less expensive this year.

USDA livestock analyst, Shayle Shagam tells USDA reporters that Turkey producers have been seeing the demand for turkey meat going down this year. One reason is that consumers have so many other options.

“We have increased supplies of beef, we have increased supplies of pork which are competing for the consumers’ dollar. “

He adds that turkey producers have been cutting production so supplies are down about 2 percent from last year but, wholesale prices have continued to drop. At the beginning of November Shagam says the price was about ...

“Price was about $0.80 a pound. That compares to about $0.88 a pound last year.”

USDA retail price economist, Annemarie Kuhns says the cost of the main course this year…

“Frozen whole turkey cost $1.07 in 2017 and now it costs $0.85 per pound in 2018.”

Add 3 pounds of sweet potatoes average about $2.67, $1.29 less than a year ago. 1 pound of green beans should cost about $1.28 that’s $0.59 lower than 2017. Cranberries 12 oz. bag should go for about $2.37 that’s more than last year by $0.22 cents more. A gallon of milk $2.56 this year which is $0.28 cents less than last year. A pound of bread is averaging $1.28 which is $0.04 cents less. So the total for a Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 4 will cost:

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