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Market Line

  • Brazil Markets Controlling US Numbers

    Grain commodities lower on the board as Brazil’s crops continue to produce massive numbers over shadowing the US market

  • Market Report

    Beef prices are climbing again But the wheat market hit another low.

  • Cattle Continue To Climb

    Beef prices are back up as Brazil continues to have trouble in the Beef industry

  • Cattle Market Hits 8 Week High

    Beef numbers climbing as the market grew to meet an 8 week High yesterday

  • Weekly Cattle Report

    The bulls are in control hitting a high in the livestock market due to climbing beef prices

  • Brazil Markets Looming Over US

    Brazils massive crop looming over the US market as they continue on with their harvest

  • Markets

    Wednesday saw a big cash squeeze

  • Brazil Markets Controlling US Numbers

    Brazils grain industry controlling US markets, as prices looking gloomy over the day

  • Wheat Futures Drops Sharply on Monday

    Monday saw the futures pushed heavily negative with all the grains down to levels not seen since the end of January.

  • Weekly Cattle Update

    Live and Feeder Cattle holding steady over the week as prices rallied as Fridays market came to a close.

  • Interest Rates Increasing

    Taking a look at yesterday's crop report, traders are keeping an eye on those higher interest rates as they continue to grow.

  • South Amercia Crop Numbers Growing

    South American crop numbers increasing, driving US numbers lower

  • Cattle Rally Slowing Down

    Cattle falling off a 3 day rally, trending with outside markets such as Copper

  • Choppy Beef Market

    Cattle struggling to find a smooth path in the beef market as choppy prices fill the board

  • Weekly Cattle Update

    Feeder cattle remain steady over the week as prices slowly climb to finish the week

  • Copper and Cattle

    The stronger US dollar has been helping the beef market maintain a solid foundation

  • Cattle Searching For Demand

    Optimistic traders eagerly keep an eye on China as there’s been some talk of lifting the ban on the US beef supply

  • Market Line

    Ordinary protein trended steady to 25

    cents per bushel higher compared to Monday’s noon bids.

  • Neck and Neck Cattle Market

    Markets heating up as Live and Feeder cattle prices finish neck and neck

  • Weekly Cattle Update

    Live and Feeder Cattle were looking healthy for the first half of the week, but the 2nd half was a different story.

  • Volatile Beef Market

    Ranchers staring down a volatile beef market as prices begin to rally as we near the end of the week.

  • South America's Harvest In Full Swing

    The US grain markets are at South America’s mercy currently as their harvest is in full swing, as their numbers are control the market.

  • Market Report

    February delivery trended mixed, from 14 cents lower to one

    cent per bushel higher than Friday’s noon bids.

  • Live Cattle Rally

    The markets were closed yesterday for Presidents day, so we took the chance to look back at Friday’s market as Live Cattle created more demand.

  • Weekly Cattle Report

    Slower trade last week as the beef industry fell further into the cracks

  • Bearish Cattle Market

    Beef prices looking gloomy as traders predicting a bearish market as numbers slip further into a hole

  • Market Report

  • Wheat On The Rise

    Wheat finally taking advantage of the market as prices climb well over that $4 mark

  • Cattle Reacting To USDA Report

    The Livestock Market has been holding on as prices fluctuate after last week’s USDA report came to a close.

  • Weekly Cattle Report

    The Livestock Market has been volatile over the week as the US dollar continues to play a key role in this industry

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