Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Weed Awareness

    Harvest is a great time to check on what weeds are showing up in fields.

  • NutriSync

    Loveland agronomist Joe Cacka is one smart cookie.

  • 3-22 LOA Soil Health PSA

    Coverage of soil health topics and events, along with your airing of the PSAs, in particular, have helped raise awareness of the basics and benefits of improving the health of our nation’s soil.

  • Rotting Onions

    Onion producers are in a race against the clock to dump the rotting onions before onion maggots hatch.

  • Ag Week

    This is national agriculture week.

  • Pasture Parasites

    An online publication named Grazing Lands News, has a discussion about pastureland parasites and how they affect cows weights and fertility.

  • NAFTA and Naerbout

    The headline in the Idaho statesman read Idaho farm, food firms brace for NAFTA trouble.

  •, Your Go-To Source for All Things Local Food.

  • Snow Mold

    This past winter, U.S. growers reduced planting across all three classes of winter wheat.

  • Immigrant Love

    There are so many ways to look at our policy towards immigrants and immigrant labor.

  • Naerbout Stance

    Strong rhetoric on immigration.

  • Public Lands

    They came in droves, close to 3000 loud and energetic supporters of keeping public lands, public.

  • Public Lands

    A huge rally in Boise at the Statehouse demanding that public lands be held as, just that… public.

  • Winterkill

    This past winter, U.S. growers reduced planting across all three classes of winter wheat.

  • Sugarbeet Seed Disease

    Disease prevention in sugar beet seed.

  • Precision Liquid Delivery

    There is a technology that delivers very specific amounts and types of fertilizers to seeds, right in the furrow.

  • Dairy Sustainability

    Dairy farmer Steve Maddox talked about sustainable agriculture.

  • Mexican Threat

    Mexico Threatening to Stop Buying Corn from U.S.

  • Proagrica plug-in

    Farming from your laptop.

  • Pre-conditioning calves

    Producers make mindful decisions to precondition their calves to help ward off sickness and prepare calves for weaning, commingling and travel to feedlots.

  • EPA Gaffe

    When someone from the government shows up on a landowner’s farm or ranch, it is not always an instant love affair.

  • Checking Food Safety

    Viet Nam is under new scrutiny for violating U.S. food safety regulations. 

  • Selling to South Korea

    South Korea is a top export market for a number of Western state products.

  • Steps towards silo safety

    Warning of the dangers that explode when young people venture too close to grain silos.

  • OR Net Farm Income

    Oregon farmers and ranchers have generally seen a better bottom line in their balance sheet.

  • Giant Leaps in Bio-tech

    Agriculture has entered the 20-year anniversary of plant biotechnology, a scientific advancement most closely identified with Monsanto Company.

  • Counting Apples

    Predicting fruit numbers early in the game.

  • Wheat Surplus

    1909 was the last year that winter wheat growers planted as small amount of acreage to wheat that farmers planted in the fall of 2016.

  • Targeted Grazing

    One of the challenges with fire in the West now, is cheat grass.

  • Health Insurance

    A New Bill Would Help Rein in Health Insurance Costs

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