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KayDee Gilkey hosts Open Range a 2 1/2 minute daily radio program that covers, issues, lifestyle and lore of the American West. Those of us  that make our homes  west of the Rockies are passionate about conservation, energy, fish and wildlife, fishing, hunting, riding,  ranching and yes our western traditions including round-ups and rodeos.

"The west isn't merely a place, rather a place of mind."



  • March’s Cattle on Feed Report

    March’s feedlot placements were larger than anticipated.

  • Colorado Hemp for Cattle Feed Study

    In this year’s Colorado legislative session, a bill was signed into law that directs the Colorado Department of Agriculture to study the feasibility of allowing livestock producers to use hemp in animal feed.

  • Don’t Let the Name Fool You

    In case you aren’t familiar withe Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine and their agenda, Animal Agriculture Alliance Vice president of Communications Hannah Thompson-Weeman explains why livestock producers need to be aware of the organization and its activities.

  • CO Bill to Reinstate COOL Was Not Way to Proceed

    Recently defeated in the Colorado legislature was a bill that would have reinstated country of origin labeling information for Colorado consumers.

  • How You Handle Your Cows

    In addition to considering your cows nutritional needs prior to breeding season — it is also important to consider how you handle your cows as well.

  • Saving Nickels Can Often Cost Dollars

    A lot of farmers use corporations — either S or C corp — as their business structure. But as farmers move closer to retirement, a downside of that structure is that farmers haven’t built up any or little social security benefits.

  • CattleFax’s Webinar Happens on May 24th

    There is a free CattleFax webinar next month that will provide a market outlook for the cow-calf and the entire beef industry.

  • Keeping Your Herd STD Free

    A disease that can impact ranchers bottom line is Bovine Trichomoniasis — that if a herd is infected can reduce calf crops by more than 50 percent.

  • China Has Great Opportunity for U.S Beef

    Early last fall China announced that the ban on U.S. beef had been lifted — however there hasn’t been much action since then.

  • Dust Regulations For Washington Feedlots

    During this year’s Washington legislature there have been companion bills in both the House and Senate to bring cattle feedlots back under the ag exemption when it comes to odor or fugitive dust caused by ag activity.

  • Vigilance Needed Surrounding States’ Legislation

    In the past several years across the West, there has been state level legislation and initiatives centered around animal welfare.

  • First Aid and Safety Tips for Rural Emergencies

    Knowing first aid and having a plan for emergencies is very important, especially for those of us who live in rural communities a distance from a hospital.

  • Insights Into the Russian Red Meat Market

    The Russian market is currently closed to U.S. pork and beef.

  • The Prerequisite of Transferring Family Business Ownership

    Family business consultant, author and farmer Jolene Brown cautions against a possible entitlement attitude when it comes to transferring your family’s operation to the next generation.

  • NCBA’s Annual Legislative Conference Brought Ranchers to Capitol Hill

    Last week was the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association annual legislative conference in Washington, D.C. In three days ranchers were busy on Capitol Hill meeting with their Senators and members of Congress about the issues that affect them and received updates from administration officials.

  • House Subcommittee Oversight Hearing About ESA Consultation Impediments

    Last week a House subcommittee about the Endangered Species Act and the disruptive impact that its cumbersome consultation requirements can have on economic development and public safety projects.

  • Rangeland Researchers Advise Smaller Cows for Better Herd Results

    A recent interdisciplinary research team from several Land Grant University recently released study results that showed that breeding smaller cows could ease pressure on an increasingly drought-prone range.

  • HerdTrax — Software for Raising Quality Beef

    To improve your operation, you must be measuring results and analysis how you can improve your business.

  • Farmers and Ranchers Affected By NE Colorado Wildfire

    More than 32,000 acres were burned in Logan and Phillips Counties of Northeastern Colorado in early March.

  • Awareness of Grass Tetany and Understanding Risks

    One of the sure signs that spring is truly here is when it it time to turn your cows out on early and lush grass pastures.

  • February’s Cattle on Feed Report

    Providing an overview of last week’s monthly USDA Cattle on Feed report, here is USDA Livestock Analyst Shayle Shagam

  • New Program -- Land and Livestock Report

    So here is a new music introduction to the newly named program Land and Livestock Report. So now during this time, we will be still be discussing livestock industry issues but have just changed the name of the program to more accurately describe the topics of future programming.

  • Updates to the OR Five-year Wolf Plan

    Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is currently reviewing the five-year old plan review and will hold a Commission meeting on April 21st in Klamath Falls. Oregon Cattlemen’s Association’s Chair of the Wolf Committee and Wallowa County Commissioner Todd Nash says a big issue is that the Western three-quarters of the state’s wolves — are under federal listing.

  • Idaho Company Provides Livestock Pregnancy Tests

    Founded in 1993, BioTracking’s core business is ruminant pregnancy detection kits and testing services sold under the trade name BioPRYN.

  • Thanking Your Employees

    Now that spring is finally here across the region and hopefully the brunt of winter is behind us. Performix Nutrition Systems Animal Nutritional Consultant Dr. Boone Carter says ag producers should take some time to thank their employees for all of their hard work and dedication.

  • Website Provides Accurate and Credible Information on Antibiotics

    Public health concerns about antibiotic resistance are on the rise and Philbro Animal Health has launched AnimalAntibiotics.org to provide accurate and credible information while still creating open dialogue about animal agriculture and the use of antibiotics.

  • American Sheep Industry’s Legislative Fly-In

    The new farm bill seems to be on the minds of everyone whose involved in agriculture in the United States.

  • Grizzly Bear Reintroduction Comment Period Extended

    From time to time, I like to bring awareness to issues that may currently only affect a portion of my listening area — like Central Washington — on the topic of grizzly bear reintroduction.

  • US Beef Opportunities in Middle East

    Gulfood 2017 is a food trade show held in Dubai, that has developed into one the premier food exhibitions in the world

  • Winter Nutrition Critical for Cow Herd

    Though many ranchers are still focused on calving season, this is the time to be thinking about their cows and bulls nutritional needs for the upcoming breeding season.

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