Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • River King

    Fishing in Alaska.

  • Teal Deal

    Rest easy—waterfowl season has arrived.

  • Ted and Wolf recovery

    Ed Bangs made a huge splash many years ago as the wolf recovery Coordinator for the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • Guiding tips

    Dave Ingraham and girlfriend Tennille were on a guided red stag hunt in New Zealand.

  • Damn Dams

    Ted Kuch spoke to me about the perilous future of Northwest salmon and the reasons for that.

  • Two Brown Bears

    Randy King was on Kodiak island in Alaska hunting for black tailed deer.

  • Zac Motivates

    Somewhere between Anthony Robbins and an evangelist.

  • Tommy Taco Strikes Back

    Tommy Allen goes diving for calamari or octopus.

  • Gabe whitetail

    Gabe Rodriguez grew up hunting with his grandfather in Illinois.

  • Atvs and the Outdoors

    Jessie Gruen of Canyon Honda says there's no limit as to what you can do on an ATV.

  • Getting Ready

    Hunting season is sneaking up throughout most of North America quickly.

  • Breakfast of Champions

    I don't know if you have a hankering for exotic protein but it can certainly be found in the form of frogs legs.

  • Hunting private property

    Respect for private land by hunters is critical.

  • Beaver Dams

    Beaver dam analogs--catching on .

  • Outdoor Recreation

    Janelle Smith of the U.S. Forest Service notes some of the resources available at "".

  • Feral Pig Hunt

    Feral swine populations are a huge problem for agricultural producers all over the country.

  • Ducks and Wheat

    "Winter Wheat Variety Selection Tool" from Ducks Unlimited

  • Tommy Spear fishing

    Ultimate outdoorsman and member of the Sportsmens Spotlight Team Tommy Allen goes spear fishing.

  • Elk Hoof Disease

    Washington State University To Study Elk Hoof Disease

  • Sleeping Pigs

    Pigs and California pistachios.

  • Wolf Attack

    I wonder how the Rispoli family from New Jersey feels about wolves.

  • Agler Ducks

    Bill Agler spells out some of the joys and challenges that go along with belonging to a duck club.

  • Fishing for Payara

    Dennis Isbister goes fishing for payara in Columbia.

  • Boundary County Grizzlies

    Grizzly bear sightings started just after the 1st of May.

  • Ted Kuch 2

    Working with state and federal agencies to try and preserve cold water for the bull trout species.

  • Ted Kuch 1

    Ted Kuch recently retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

  • Guide and Bulldog

    Christian Schaffeld goes for steelhead.

  • Finding Wild Pigs

    Bill Burnett, is an accomplished California outdoorsman who travels all over the West Coast and the Northwest as he fishes, hunts, harvests, cooks and enjoys.

  • Tommy Bear Baiting

    Talking to sportsmen Spotlight team member Tommy Allen about bear hunting.

  • Summer Fun

    Field & Stream editor in chief Colin Kearns makes a suggestion that is certainly in the wheelhouse of any kid who wants to be an outdoorsman.

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