Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Running Lambs 1

    Frank Schertz runs dogs who are trained and anxious to protect they're woolly charges from the menace of predators.

  • Running Lambs

    Idaho’s Schertz Sheep Company owner Frank Schertz runs thousands and thousands of sheep on his allotments.

  • Broadband

    Access to affordable and reliable broadband is critical.

  • Tenet

    Genetic technology for beef industry.

  • Zebras and horses

    Horses, when covered with a cloak that perfectly resembles a zebra, will not be attacked by horseflies.

  • Increase Visas

    The words ring out. "we have to figure out away to let foreign workers enter this country legally.

  • FFA All the Way

    The next generation of agricultural leaders were part of the agenda of the State Board of Agriculture’s quarterly meeting.

  • HSUS Fraud

    Humane Society of the United States Ripping Off Local Pet Shelters

  • Talinor herbicide

    Wheat and barley growers are finding success in tools to control broadleaf weeds in the fields.

  • Zippy Op-Ed

    Americans expect a lot from farmers and ranchers.

  • Idaho Farm Bureau Files Brief

    A brief backs the federal government’s request to dismiss a series of consolidated cases filed against President Trump’s declarations.

  • Farm Bankruptcies

    2018 farmer bankruptcies nationwide were down from prior-year levels.

  • Solar Grass Growth

    Solar panels could increase plant productivity.

  • Climate Change

    We’ve seen some of the worst fires in history.

  • Corporate Farms

    I had a question about corporate farming.

  • Turnkey Cattle Feeding

    Okay so you are in a beef feedlot or a huge dairy operation and you are delivering food to your cattle.

  • Stronger Stalks

    University of Idaho researchers are working with counterparts at the University of Kentucky and Clemson University to breed stronger plants.

  • Keeping the home fire burning

    There is a huge controversy going on all over the country in which farmers are selling their land.

  • Facts of Rice

    Rice is the oldest known food and is still widely consumed today.

  • Super Bowl ad

    Center for Consumer Freedom ran an ad during the Super Bowl asking Super Bowl viewers to donate their money to local pet shelters.

  • Land Values

    Questions abound in the current land market.

  • Breeding bulls

    Nutrition management on young bulls is crucial to their success on the ranch

  • Alternatives to pesticides

    Pesticides are the most frequently detected contaminants in the streams of Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley.

  • BRD Plan

    The effects of bovine respiratory disease can be tremendous.

  • Rebuilding America

    Members of the Rebuild Rural Coalition shared insights about the likelihood of infrastructure policy changes.

  • Dumb PETA Contest

    A group opposing PETA,, launched a new contest where people get to vote on the dumbest PETA marketing campaign.

  • Missing Market Reports

    AMS is the only agency of the five that has continued publishing reports during the partial government shutdown that has most of USDA shuttered.

  • More Labor

    The American Farm Bureau Federation commended Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) for setting a high priority on solving the agricultural labor crisis.

  • Farm Income and Land Values

    The influence of farm income levels on the sale of agricultural land.

  • Trump and DuVall

    Zippy Duvall, who was scheduled to have a sit down with President Trump, was asked how About his time with the president.

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