Program: Line on Agriculture

Line on Agriculture
  • Only an Apple

    What should I eat?

  • Renovating your Barn

    Nothing says farm more than a big red barn.

  • Small Cow Calf Marketing

    Katie Ochsner who is the Commercial Marketing Specialist for the Red Angus Association of America helps cow/calf operators market their cattle.

  • Treating Calves

    Help Reduce Calf Pneumonia Risks and The Hidden Costs

  • Zoetis Advice

    The Zoetis company warns against disease.

  • Ag Anti-tech

    Generally if agriculture is compared to Las Vegas - it’s because making a go of it is always a gamble.

  • PETA Logic

    A conversation with Will Coggin, managing director of

  • Cultivating Climate Resistance

    Texas ranchers Gary and Sue Price began noticing disruptive changes in the weather about 10 years ago.

  • Vanishing Bees

    Thirteen years ago, in 2005, beekeepers in the United States began observing a mysterious and disturbing phenomenon.

  • Manure Storage

    Northwest Livestock Owners Reminded to Plan now for Winter Manure Storage.

  • Facial Recognition

    It seems to be straight out of a spy movie; Cameras everywhere watching for the most subtle change in conditions.

  • Estrus Suppression

    A product called MGA is the cattle industry’s only in-feed estrus (heat) suppressor.

  • Veterinarians Needed

    “Veterinary Students – We Need YOU!”

  • De-worming

    An excellent health tip from the Zoetis animal health company.

  • H-2A Debate

    A key debate recently took place between two Congressional candidates in Washington state.

  • IRS Rule Change

    The American Farm Bureau Federation is recommending the IRS change a proposed amendment to the tax code.

  • Phil Davis Wolf Cow 3

    Cascade Idaho cattle rancher Phil Davis has lost dozens and dozens of his own cows to wolf depredation .

  • Phil Davis Wolf Cow 2

    Idaho cattle rancher Phil Davis has been dealing with wolf depredation to his cow herd for over two decades.

  • Phil Davis Wolf Cow 1

    The world’s foremost expert on cow wolf encounters.

  • Auctioneer

    World champion livestock auctioneer Jared Miller.

  • Root Rot Solution

    Aphanomyces root rot, is a disease that can cause crop yield losses in peas of 20 to 100 percent.

  • PETA and Ranchers

    Will Coggin, managing director of, has some pretty staggering statistics.

  • Adaptive multi-paddock grazing

    For more than four years, McDonald’s has been traversing a long and arduous path to produce "sustainable beef".

  • Horse Blanketing

    There is no simple answer as to whether any equid needs blanketing in winter.

  • Monrovia

    Farmers sitting around a coffee shop in MONROVIA, INDIANA.

  • Alternative Crops

    DTN/The Progressive Farmer Markets Editor Katie Micik noted that with an over abundance of wheat throughout the world, there might be room for wheat producers to turn to alternative crops.

  • Genome editing is Mother Nature

    In the press, a technology called genome editing.

  • Opioid Legislation

    Greg Walden bill to combat opioid crisis passes Senate.

  • NIFA and WSU

    Bee populations in North America have been in decline since the 1940s.

  • Opening up trade

    The announcement regarding the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement is welcome news.

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