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Reporting on ranching and land stewardship issues is a natural fit and a passion for Susan Allen. Growing up in a family that raised timber and Christmas trees under the shadow of Mt, Hood Susan has always found herself more comfortable on the back of a horse in the wilderness checking out the terrain than in any urban setting . Today herself a rancher and a member of the Oregon Cattlemen’s Association, Susan and her husband run their Wagu/Corrientes herd along with her son’s Angus cattle in the Blue Mts. near Pendleton Oregon. There they have experienced first-hand what it means to “ranch with wolves” in the most liberal and environmentally conscientious state in the Union. In her “free time” she enjoys working with young or difficult horses, helping them realize their potential and gifts in the ranching world.

Since graduating from Arizona State with a minor in Journalism Susan has followed a communications path that has included writing for and promoting the Northern California Thoroughbred Racing Industry to launching the popular Food Forethought Commentary and newspaper column in the early 2000’s( as a result of the BSE finding in Mapton WA,) becoming one of the earliest advocates for agriculture. She also co- hosted the American Rancher Radio Program which eventually became Open Range for many years. She is excited to be “back in the saddle” each day covering the issues and accomplishments of America’s Ranching Community.

  • The V Effect

    When you watch geese and dlucks fly in formation did you ever wonder what bird gets picked to be at the head of the V? The main point! I mean come-on you must have given it at least a passing thought !

  • Last American Cowboy

    You know I’ve never been a “reality show buff” but after reading a beef industry blog and being pestered by my son, Tommy I tuned in last Monday to Animal Planet for an episode of Last American Cowboy, and ......I liked it!

  • Cash-in on Cash Crops

    A recent Wall Street Journal investment article touted the benefits of buying farmland for Income.

  • AQHA Judge Issues Warning to Livestock Owners

    Livestock industrymust "stop doing the five percent that society spends 95 percent of its time criticizing”!

  • Exttreme Training Techniques

    The US is a fast food nation, meaning we demand instantaneous service, entertainment, and results, and... that mind set is destroying America’s horses

  • Pony Express Sesquicentennial

    2010 marks not only the one hundredth anniversary of the Pendleton Round-Up but one hundred and fifty years since mail was first delivered by the Pony Express

  • Tips For buying Hay

    If you are anywhere in the Northwest, outside of Portland and Seattle this weekend, take note of all the hay trucks on the highways.

  • Beef Counts

    Trust me, you won’t be hearing the following story on Oprah and no, MSNBC won’t bother sending a reporter, odds are it will be ignored by Michelle Obama’s PR team even given her new passion for youth and nutrition.

  • Wet Weather and Hoppers

    Despite all the canceled team ropings and little league games not to mention frustrated cherry growers one positive about this wet spring is that it might have put a damper on the projected grasshopper plague in the Northwest.

  • Starbucks and Arbuckles Not Much Has Changed

    We’re not that much different from the cowboys in the old west when it comes to loving coffee in the Pacific Northwest.

  • NW Grazing Ruling

    Okay cows no more muddy streams. But whose responsibility is it to stop cattle from drinking water and who should determine how long can cattle graze in a National Forest?

  • Vaquero History Lives on in the Northwest

    American cowboy culture reflect styles of the Rocky Mountain States and Texas yet neglect the major influence California cowboys and vaqueros have had on creating many of our riding traditions, equipment and vocabulary

  • The Magic of Horses

    Throughout history horses have evoked deep emotion in human as evidenced in art and literature but interestingly they don’t have to be breathtaking to have a “magical impact.

  • Free Fishing Weekend

    It is officially fishing season here in the great Northwest!

  • Pat Garretts Legacy

    Funny how someone’s life can be chock full of accomplishments yet one circumstance or simple twist of fate changes forever their legacy.

  • A Horse of a Different Color

    I look at the world differently now , thanks to a horse of a different color.

  • Cowboy State Of Mind

    Technically cowboys have been around as long a man moved cattle, back to those primitive cave drawings in France, yet today the word has come to describe a cultural movement.

  • Sustainable NW Seafood

    If anyone can initiate the sustainable fish movement, the master of marketing in the Emerald City Mr. Yokoyama could be the one

  • Tipperary King of the Broncs

    Unlike bulls, broncs are rodeo's unsung hero’s rarely remembered or honored. Tipperary was an exception.

  • Proudly Clinging to Guns and Religion

    When he made the political gaff that revealed his disdain of rural America by saying small town Americans “cling to guns and religion,” little did Obama know it would end up a compliment, fuel for rural grass root politics

  • Cutting Horse Keeping Costs

    Chyma Smith sheds light on the novel idea of co-op horse keeping.

  • Olive Green Adminsitration

    The Save Our Wild Salmon folks are fuming, well get in line with all the others whining that this President isn’t as green as expected

  • Open Range Wrap Up

    Ag Industry knows the cattle business is back, but it is sure nice to see main stream media does as well.

  • The Trackers

    You nearly always see them in cowboy movies, they’re usually down on one knee fingering the dirt or sniffing the ground.

  • Small town Rodeo Provides Tonic for High Tech Stress

    Last weekend I was in Wiley City Washington, a tiny blink of a town not far from Yakima but a step back to a place where a man is judged by how he handles a horse, kids aren’t coddled, and you don’t get a trophy for just showing up.

  • Demise Of Trout In Alpine Lakes

    One of the pleasures of high country is finding remote mountain lakes to fish, unfortunately that experience could soon become a mere memory.

  • Flying Cowboys

    Oh we’re not supposed to profile anyone but if you get on an airplane, watch for the guys in cowboy hats.

  • Trailering Tips

    I have been amazed over the years to watch with not only the number grow but size and investments in of horse trailers traveling our Northwest roads.

  • Send Nasty Cows Packing

    Veterinarians and livestock producers that artificially inseminate cattle and horses know that nervous Nelly’s and animals with poor dispositions often are less likely to conceive.

  • War Horse

    If you are a horse lover who has studied history to any length you know the price the equine species has paid for our freedom.

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