Program: Sportsman's Spotlight

Sportsmen's Spotlight is a new radio program that takes a look at all kinds of outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest.



  • Boundary Waters

    A Place to Escape

  • Mexico and Fishing

    Fishing in Cabo.

  • Family Bear Hunt

    Longtime friend of the show Amy Spoon partner Brady and their son Brett went on a spring bear hunt.

  • Food in the Outdoors

    Packing food.

  • Josh Falls In

    Josh Mills was hunting turkeys while his father sat nearby.

  • Americas icons

    If you’ve ever hunted fished or, recreated on public lands, then you will appreciate Field & Stream’s February/March edition.

  • SHOT Show

    The SHOT show in Las Vegas.

  • Hand Mitt

    Hand Mitt For bows.

  • Drones

    Drones for hunting.

  • Flyfishing hats

    Perk Perkins is the owner of the Pendleton Hat Company which makes Fly fishing hats.

  • The Dredge Junkie

    The Dredge Junkie When someone says “flyfishing,” what pops into your head?

  • Good Meat

    Hunters know better.

  • Venison

     A book written by Jon Wipfli entitled VENISON has more than 50 gourmet recipes for venison.

  • Portable solar panels

    Portable solar panel recharger’s.


  • Whitetail hunting in Nebraska

    A Buck for All Seasons.

  • Bugs

    I believe two of the worst outdoor experiences I have ever had occurred while I was hosting outdoor shows for ESPN.

  • Poodle Pointers

    A chat with avid bird hunter Brian King about his choice of bird dogs.

  • Turkey Equipment

    Sportsman’s Warehouse Sales Associate Ben Doherty lists everything we need for a successful turkey hunt.

  • Hunting School

    if you really want to learn how to hunt, hook up with Mike Jenkins of Upfront Outfitters in Washington state.

  • Scotty's Elk

    Elk Hunt

  • Ghosts of Africa

    Ghosts of Africa.

  • Bigger is better

    Winter steelhead are the badder, meaner, more intense cousins of their summertime brethren.

  • Pistols

    I called Dave, a sales associate at the gun counter at Sportsmen’s Warehouse and inquired if they had any post – Christmas sales or specials on guns.

  • Rethinking Wolves

    A federal lawsuit recently ruled in favor of the US Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services.

  • Marsh Madness

    Fishermen have proposed a way to restore the Everglades and South Florida rivers.

  • The Perfect Feather

    The Perfect Feather

  • Orion Coolers

    Orion, a company that makes special outdoor coolers.

  • Winter Steelhead

    Josh Mills talks winter steelhead.

  • Amy's Sturgeon

    Amy Spoon who heads up a Facebook group called Outdoor Chic Clique gets lots of women together.

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