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Bob Larson Millennium Bulk Terminal Sues State Pt 1
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: January 15, 2018

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I’m Bob Larson. Tired of playing games with state agencies they claim change the rules as they go, Millennium Bulk Terminal has filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Washington for denying permits needed to build a major export terminal in Longview.

Washington Farm Bureau president John Stuhlmiller says forget about the coal that would be shipped from the port, it would be an incredible boost for statewide commodities and that region’s economy …

JOHN STUHLMILLER … “Hundreds of jobs, lots of high-paying jobs, you know, which we’re looking for in that particular area which is not a booming economy. They’re struggling there in Cowlitz. And so, it would be a great opportunity for those jobs, the construction jobs that go with it. All of that, plus it’s another, as we’ve talked, bulk export facility that could handle ag commodities, it could handle other stuff. But, right now they’ve chosen, there’s a market for a particular product and that’s coal, but it could be anything in bulk. And so, it’s another spigot heading to the Pacific Rim.”

But, Stuhlmiller wonders at what point Millennium throws in the towel …

JOHN STUHLMILLER … “They’re getting rejected on every front. So, my question, I mean you’ve got to say what’s the intestinal fortitude of Millennium? Can you fight every single battle? And, they’re willing to stay in it. They believe strongly in the project and all of us that are supporting it will continue to do it, but as each step goes it’s closing the loop if they don’t get a win here.”

Millennium claims they’ve worked with state officials for more than five years to meet and exceed Washington’s stringent environmental standards and have met with nothing but uncompromising roadblocks.

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