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Bob Larson FOIA Documents Show EPA's Knowledge Pt 1
by Bob Larson, click here for bio

Program: Washington State Farm Bureau Report
Date: October 06, 2017

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I’m Bob Larson. Now that EPA documents from a Public Records request have been turned over, Save Family Farming has to decide what to do with information they say confirms suspicions the agency was fully aware the What’s Upstream campaign was using taxpayer money to fund its lobbying efforts.

Director Gerald Baron says the facts and laws are all right there…

GERALD BARON … “The decision made not to enforce was not really made on legal basis, but more on a political basis. And, it’s a little bit disheartening and probably a little bit frightening to think that enforcement of the laws of our state are not being based upon whether laws are being broken, but based upon who’s the one breaking them. And, that’s a significant accusation, but that’s certainly what appears to us here and that serves to undermine the confidence of the public in whether we live in a nation where everyone is subject to the laws.”

Referring to a recent Capital Press article, Baron says former EPA Region 10 Director Dennis McLerran still denies any wrongdoing …

GERALD BARON … “Statements that Mr. McLerran made in that interview, which also reflects statements that he made in a Senate hearing and also in his defense in the Public Disclosure Commission, are completely contradictory to what the documents show. So, we’re very concerned about the Puget Sound Partnership and the role that it plays in environmental issues in Washington state and the Puget Sound area because we now believe someone who has a very aggressive anti-farm track-record is now sitting in a position where he can have significant influence over decisions relating to the environment.”

Listen tomorrow for Baron’s thoughts on McLerran’s new post with the Puget Sound Partnership.

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