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David Sparks Ph.d Ted Kuch 1
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: August 19, 2019

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Long time friend and fellow hockey player, Ted Kuch recently retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service where he spent 30 years as an endangered species biologist, mostly in the Western US. What did that entail?

"According to Congress and the mission of the agency and the purpose of the Endangered Species Act, my job was working with others to conserve the ecosystems that we and all other species depend upon, which is quite noble, I think, and honorable and exciting and fun and rewarding and trying to make sure we leave the world in a little bit better shape for our children's children. That's really what my job was. You had a big run with. Was it bull trout? Yeah. Tell me that story again.

So I was the bull trout recovery coordinator for about three years for the US Fish and Wildlife Service based in Boise. Basically, bull trout require a colder, cleaner water than any other species of trout or salmon on the continent, save for maybe Arctic char. So my job was working with states and federal land management agencies and others to make sure that they had the coldest, cleanest water that we could deliver as they migrate great distances, 80 miles or more sometimes.

Yeah, but I mean, you go into a state, you come to Idaho or you come to Colorado, you know that bull trout need cold water. Okay. Now what what do you do? Put cubes of ice in the water. (laughter)"

Shut up, you wise guy, and let Ted tell us tomorrow exactly how he coordinated such efforts.

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