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David Sparks Ph.d Tommy Bear Hunt
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: July 04, 2019

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Sportsman's Spotlight team member Tommy Allen made an interesting trade. I understand you're fixin to outfit a bear trip. Tell me what that's gonna be about. My brother in law drew a spring bear tag in eastern Oregon. He's also an awesome accountant.So he did some work for me. He built me a very intense spreadsheet which I use for work and so in return I'm taking hunting. So it's going to be a spot and stalk. The weather's going to be kind of iffy, there's going to be a few thunderstorms roll through and basically we’re walking ridge tops trying to glass and spot a good size boar. And then we'll have to move into the canyon 300 yards down go to and try to get a good shot on it. Then just pack it up the hill.

Yeah I was going to say don't go too far down because you got to lug that thing back up again. Oh yeah. That's always a concern with that country. It drops to the Snake River. Yeah really look down there and see how far away it is. Has to be worth going after. Otherwise you spend all day and all night trying to pack that back up the hill.

I don't know whether you've been listening to sportsmen spotlight of late but a very good friend of mine went black bear hunting, spring bear. He took in a thousand pounds of bait which he scavenged around from various and sundry restaurants that were throwing out old stale bread. My guess is that Oregon does not allow baiting is that correct.

You're correct in Idaho they do and same scenario I talked to a buddy the other day to ask how his hunt went and he was doing the same thing baiting. But up here, It's purely spot and stalk. We don't have the option to bait.

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