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David Sparks Ph.d Expensive Gun
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 25, 2019

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 The Gunwerks Shooting System out of Burlington, Wyoming has created what they claim is a new definition of performance for custom long range rifle builders.  Select the proper caliber for your next hunt, and the Gunwerks folks say you will experience unmatched 1000 yard performance in the lowest recoiling, most shootable hunting package available. Gunwerks says the LR-1000 model has become the pattern for all long range hunting systems, designed and configured to be the most shootable long range hunting rifle made, and with unique indestructible finish and components it is also the most rugged. It ought to be good because the price tag is $7000. For 2011, the G7 5.5-22X50 riflescope (built by Nightforce Optics) comes standard.  The G7 scope is designed, manufactured and tested to maintain point of impact under all conditions—even side impacts!

The rifle lives up to the same quality of manufacturing.  The LR action series is precisely machined on CNC equipment from heat treated, ordinance grade barrel steel.  The bolt raceways and bore are wire EDM’ed to be perfectly straight.  For 2011, bolts are also machined from a single billet of stainless steel, then coated with an extremely hard, high performance coating called Armaloy to prevent galling.  Even the scope rings are now pinned to eliminate any possibility of point of impact shift.

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