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David Sparks Ph.d Hunting for doves
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: December 28, 2017

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I’ve hunted chucker, pheasant, quail, geese and ducks but never hunted doves. Today we will talk to someone who has. Today we’re gonna’ talk about some dove hunting. That’s coming up next.

Randy King is one of the cadre of enthusiastic and knowledgeable outdoorsmen who contribute regularly to our program and today he talks a little bit about hunting doves. But there’s a bit of a twist in this tale because of the retriever he was using at the time. “Normally when you are dove hunting you are either setting up decoys or standing at the edge and just letting them fly over. It’s like their doing flybys when they are heading into roost. You wait until it’s dusk almost and you are waiting for them to hit the trees. You’re standing on one side of a bank of trees and I usually go down by a river and stand there with my waders on and wait for one to buzz over and then I plug them and let your dog run out and grab them out of the water. While we will lost one into the bushes and I was hoping and praying that my dog would be a good retriever. I was working with her all summer long, I got her last November so it was late in the season and she was just a real pup. First time out doing some birds she found it so it was a good sign for me. She’s a Rhodesian ridge back and lab mix. With a soft mouth? Soft enough.”

So no pure bred labs, spaniels German long or shorthairs necessary. Just a trip to the humane society and good training can do the trick. Thanks Randy. Tomorrow, being a professional chef, you’re gonna’ tell us how to cook them.

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