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David Sparks Ph.d Gun Collection
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: November 22, 2017

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Sharpshooter, rock chuck hunter specialist and Bay Area resident Ken Mills talks about the weapons he uses when taking out chuck's from as far away as 566 yards. Basically he contracts with farmers to shoot rock chucks because these varmints can decimate crop fields with there voracious appetites. "One is a 17 HMR Marlon, I really like the gun. It is very good if you don't have too bad a wind, out to 150 yards. That's about max as far as I'm concerned. Then I've got the 222 and that will reach out and touch them really well. The farthest I ever kills a chuck was 566 yards and that was with that 222. It has a 50 grain bullet, the six BR has a 70 grain bullet and it shoots a little bit faster but very little. Less than 100 ft./s. It controls better in the wind. The Marlins 17 is not a custom-built rifle, the only thing I put was a custom trigger on it. These other two rifles are all custom-built rifles. I got $3000 a piece in them. And those binoculars you saw, I got them and use them last year. They have the rangefinder in them and I paid $3300 for those. So I have a lot of money invested in them.” As of today, Ken has killed over 11,000 rock chuck’s.

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