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David Sparks Ph.d Color Blind Glasses
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: April 17, 2017

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Dr. Mark Changizi’s a neuroscientist and vision expert who created color correcting glasses forPeople suffering red-green color blindness. There is an application for outdoorsmen." Your glasses can help a colorblind outdoorsman navigate successfully meaning finding game and fish. The correct? There are two sides to this. If you are color deficient, red green deficient, you are missing the ability to see the third dimension that the rest of us see. On the fishing side there's a lot of fishing equipment, fishing tackle that come with all these colors. They are colored various ways in part because fish actually have better color vision then do we. If you are color deficient you may not be able to see the different colors in your tackle box. This will help you in many occupations including hunting and fishing and all over the place. Hunting is a special variety because in addition to missing out on the red-greens but everybody else can see, remember red-green vision is peculiarly about actually seeing blood. It is really designed to see the spectrum of blood and the spectrum of hemoglobin. If you have a blood trail you are following, your eyes are peculiarly good at seeing this and if you are color deficient, you actually can't see this very well at all. So our colorblindness glasses help color deficient people see this when they otherwise couldn’t. “ You can buy the glasses online at vivo.vi four $87.

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