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Matt Rice Wi-fi Traegers
by Matt Rice, click here for bio

Program: Sportsman's Spotlight
Date: March 15, 2017

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If you’re tired of burning fish on the BBQ, I’ve got a solution for you. Swing down to your local Sportsman Warehouse, and check out their new smokers. Here’s Bryan with a little more information, on his new Traegers.

Brian “Actually our best sellers are the Green Mountain brand, we can’t seem to keep those in house. I’ve also got the little Tex-Pro, and that’s been a popular one for people that want, you know a smaller sized grill. That’s probably 24” long of cooking space. The green mountain grill is one we go through real fast, are the Daniel Boons wifi’s and guys like those because they can connect their phone or ipdad via the wifi, and then they can control everything from their phone. If you want to be inside or in the garage and don’t want to go to the grill to check temperatures or make an adjustment, you can do it right there. So, it’s a pretty neat set up, and like I said because of that we sell out of them fast. I think I got four on the last shipment and they’re gone already.”

And if you’re worried about mastering this new trade. Fear no more, they come with plenty of instructions and tips on how to do it right.

Brian “but the grills themselves are really easy to learn, there’s not much of a trick to them. You’ll learn what different types of pellets are good for different types of meat or different techniques. That’s really it, just figuring out different techniques to learn how to cook.”

As always, we appreciate the excellent staff at Sportsman Warehouse.

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