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KayDee Gilkey Wheat and Corn Futures Up on Thursday
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Market Line
Date: June 16, 2017

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I’m KayDee Gilkey with the Market Line Report for Friday, June 16th. From the floor of the CME Group here is Joe Vaclavik.

Vaclavik: “The live cattle market was mixed here on Thursday. We had a sharply lower trade in near by June futures and we had mixed to higher in some of the deferred months. This June futures contract has been kind of interesting. First we rallied up in to the 130s here along with what had been a very strong cash market. Now we are beginning to see the cash cattle market deteriorate a little bit. We saw some very light cash trade at that 130 mark here this week. We’ll see what else develops here between now and the end of the week and into next week.”

Chicago July Wheat prices closed Thursday up 10 and 3/4 cents at 4-53 and 3/4. July corn ended the day up 2 and 1/2 cents at 3-79 and 1/2.

Portland prices for June soft white wheat of ordinary protein ended the day up 7 and 3/4 to 10 and 3/4 cents ranging from 4-78 and 3/4 to 4-98 and 3/4. Hard Red Winter wheat with 11.5% protein prices for June were up 7 and 3/4 cents ranging from 5-40 and 1/4 to 5-60 and 1/4. June DNS wheat with 14 % protein prices were up a nickel ranging from 7-32 and 1/2 to 7-47 and 1/2.

August live cattle were down 37 and half cents on Thursday at 117-50. August feeder cattle were up 95 cents at 147-07 and half. July class III milk was down 12 cents at 16-49.

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