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KayDee Gilkey Website Provides Accurate and Credible Information on Antibiotics
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: March 21, 2017

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Public health concerns about antibiotic resistance are on the rise and Philbro Animal Health has launched AnimalAntibiotics.org to provide accurate and credible information while still creating open dialogue about animal agriculture and the use of antibiotics. Philbro Animal Health Veterinarian Dr. Leah Dorman shares more details

Dorman: “Really the goal of the website is to tell a compelling story about the societal benefits of the use of antibiotics, and the safe use of technology in producing food. The other thing it allows is the opportunity for people to engage.”

The site allows consumers to explore all issues surrounding animal antibiotics. Consumers can view a video series explaining how and why animal antibiotics are used, the difference between residue and resistance, as well as changes underway in the industry to ensure responsible use of antibiotics on the farm.

Dorman: “The simplest way I’ve heard it define is as little as possible but as much as necessary. Certainly if an animal is sick or we need to control a disease within a herd or a flock or if we can prevent disease. We have an ethical obligation to do that — both as veterinarians —really of us us in the animal health community — that’s veterinarians, farmers and those raising the animals every day as well as animal health companies.”

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