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David Sparks Ph.d International Locavores
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Line on Agriculture
Date: June 13, 2017

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We’ve done a lot of stories on the locavore movement where the public wants to get to know the people who are growing their food. Believe it or not, that same movement has hit international commercial food buyers. Trade managers with the Oregon Department of Agriculture are leading the way as they play host to a number of international trade teams.


YOSHIOKA: “By coming to Oregon, these buyers get the chance to see where the food comes from. They see it grown in the fields, they see it processed, turned into wonderful food and beverage products that they can buy from Oregon.” 

ODA’s Theresa Yoshioka says the inbound trade missions also work in favor of Oregon companies and producers. Instead of taking the time and spending the money to travel overseas to meet the buyers, they can make the sales pitch on their home turf. ODA Trade Manager Yelena Nowak is especially excited about an upcoming delegation of 25 buyers at the end of the month:

NOWAK: “We’ve got the largest inbound trade mission we’ve ever had. Buyers from four regions of China are coming to Oregon to meet with beverages, snacks, and specialty food producers.”  :14

 In total, there are nine inbound agricultural trade missions organized and hosted by ODA. Teams from China, Taiwan, Korea, Mexico, and northern Europe will all spend time with Oregon growers, fishers, processors, and food entrepreneurs in an effort to establish a relationship that will hopefully lead to sales in the near future. In Salem, I’m Bruce Pokarney.


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NOWAK says the inbound trade missions are not only helpful to international buyers who get to see products and people up close, but for those on the Oregon end as well:

 “These events are incredibly important for both buyers and Oregon companies because it happens right here in our backyard. Companies do not have to travel to China to meet with a buyer, to establish the first connection.”  :13

YOSHIOKA says it’s ODA’s job to match up international buyers with the right Oregon sellers, and put together a schedule that shows Oregon agriculture at its best:

 “We try to get them out to where the food and beverage originates. We get them out to the vineyards, we get them out to the blueberry farms, and they love it. Oregon is beautiful, especially in the summer, and they have a great experience here.”  :14

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