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Russell Nemetz Winners Announced in Fun MultiMin USA and CAYAC Contest
by Russell Nemetz, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: April 15, 2019

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Ranchers with all the unknowns in today's cattle market, one thing is for certain, pounds still equal dollars. And healthy cattle still bring the most money on sale day!

At MultiMin USA they understand this. They also realize adverse weather can have a huge impact on the trace mineral status of your cattle due to variability of intake of oral trace mineral supplements. Oral trace mineral supplements are also subject to water during adverse weather and may leach out. By injecting Multimin®90, you ensure that all your cattle rapidly have an adequate trace mineral status to get them performance ready.

This year to help give back to the ranching community for its support, MultiMin USA teamed up with the Cattle Auction Yard Advertising Co-Op or CAYAC for a fun contest that ran from January thru March at auction markets across the United States.

Contestants could enter one of two ways for a couple great prizes: Savethelung.com had an Iphone 10 and breedready.com had a 55" LG TV.

And the winner of the IPhone 10 is Clinton Shivers of Garden City, Kansas while the winner of the 55" inch TV is Antonio Tello of Leeds, Utah.

Congratulations to both!

For more information about MultiMin USA, visit www.multiminusa.com.

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