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KayDee Gilkey The Three Ts —Trust, Taste and Transparency
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: March 13, 2017

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At the recent Bayer CropScience Advocacy Forum, New Mexico young farmer Jay Hill participated on a producer panel. He spoke about the mission or vision of his second generation family farm.

Hill: “You know it might sound cheesy, but at Hill Farms and Wholesome Valley, we live by the three Ts — Trust, Taste and Transparency. As a person that who has probably the most important job in the world — to provide people with nutrient dense, amazing, wholesome food. Its my job to to make sure that people instill trust in me and I have to prove to them what I do is trust worthy. I’ve got to make I grow something that tastes great and I want to make sure no matter what I do it is transparent.”

He encourages ag producers to become involved politically and be sure their voices are head on the policy issues that impact them. Hill is very active on social media and uses it to share his story with the public.

Hill: “The fact that I can take work with me and I can deliver it to your pocket all day long. Snapchat is one of those amazing things — I think I have 18,000 followers on Snapchat. People are just excited to see how lettuce is grown. The opportunity to drag people along with you in the wonderfully world of farming really shows people: why do we apply a pesticide at this time, why do we organically on this crop, why do we grow GMO on this crop. All of those different options and being transparent on social media has really helped engage consumers — not only locally but globally — on what the American producer does.”

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