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KayDee Gilkey Company With Fly Control Solutions
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Land & Livestock Report
Date: February 20, 2017

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While at the recent Cattle Industry Convention’s Trade Show Field Reporter Tom Allen stopped by the Central Life Sciences booth and visited with Senior Director of Sales Tracy Harris who shared more details about their livestock fly control products.

Harris: “We have a broad portfolio of different brands of products. Many people don’t know who Central Life Sciences is — but for example Clarifly would be our confined fly control for livestock. It can be used in beef and dairy confined operations. It can be used for equine. We recently got a swine clearance for using swine operation. It is a foundation product for fly control — house flies and stable flies. On the pastured cattle — beef operations mostly or replacement dairy heifer — a lot of those are on grass. Horned flies are your biggest challenge there so Altosid IGR products would be your lead foundation products there. Starbar is a 100 different skews of how to kill a fly — whether it is jug trap in your house barn or a fly bait that you are using as a scatter bait or bait spray. A quick strike spray on product that is basically sugar bait that is used as spray on application.”

He encourages those interest to

Harris: “People can find out more by going to bugfreegrains.com. They can use that to identify insects, print labels, understanding how to use the products. Or centralflycontrol.com would help them understand in their livestock operation how to control that.”

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