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David Sparks Ph.d Kim Maloney
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: October 29, 2018

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It’s amazing what you can learn while drinking an IPA. Tennis friend Kevin Maloney has a wife Kim who is extremely interesting inasmuch as she does a lot of transactions with farmers.

“I am generally a transactional business and real estate lawyer. I help companies and individuals buy and sell real estate, buy and sell businesses and generally do transactions of that nature. I also help people set up companies such as limited liability companies and corporations. Well I am interested in getting into how you help farmers do sales transactions on their land. I have worked with farmers selling land and I have also worked a lot with investors who are buying farmland. That is something we have seen a lot of in Idaho where they will be coming in and buying properties and then either leasing them back to the existing farmer or leasing them to different farmers. What would be the motivation for that kind of an occurrence? It’s another type of investment. If people are looking to diversify their investments beyond the stock market it’s an opportunity where they can purchase the property and then receive a return.

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