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David Sparks Ph.d Data over Drones
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: November 22, 2017

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Kris Poulson, Vice President of Agriculture for Sentera believes that a drone is just a tool In the tool shed, but… Sentera, LLC brings game-changing aerial data-capture capabilities to the industry with the revolutionary Omni™ Quad-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV). The Omni naturally partners with a gimbaled Sentera Double 4K Sensor – creating an easy-to-use, precise UAV package for the Inspection, Survey and Mapping, and Agriculture industries. Empowering users to collect precise data from obscure angles, an Omni + Double 4K Sensor package simultaneously captures macro and micro data and provides the user with true distortion-free imagery.

The Omni UAV is available in Inspection and Agriculture configurations. Each standard configuration ships with one Omni UAV, one installed Double 4K Sensor, two batteries, and a durable hard-sided case. The Inspection Double 4K sensor features dual zoom lenses while the Agriculture Double 4K sensor simultaneously captures high-resolution color and near-infrared (NIR) data. Each complete package is offered at $13,210.

"The lightweight Omni with Double 4K Sensor on an upward-looking gimbal provides users with an unprecedented field of view while inspecting difficult-to-reach areas such as the bottom of antenna connections or the underside of bridges," said Greg Emerick, executive vice president for Sentera.

Weighing only eight pounds, the versatile and easy-to-fly Omni is compatible with a variety sensors – carrying each for up to 25 minutes of flight. Payload compatibility includes Sentera Double 4K, DJI Zenmuse X3, Z3, XT, and new Z30 sensors.

"We're proud that the remarkability of the Omni UAV goes well beyond capturing data from unique angles. The data created when using this package is superior to anything else available today," Emerick continued. "The little-to-no vibration construction of the Omni, plus the Double 4K sensor ensures distortion-free imagery is collected, which translates into users easily stitching images together with any standard stitching tool. They will never need to worry about stitching failure due to data distortion."

We support all your data points – past, present and into the future  ?Sentera's AgVault™ and OnTop™ Open Software Platforms manage the multitude of images and data collected during flight and allow near-real-time reading and analysis of the data, including working with other data sources via APIs. Data is easily cataloged and stored for future analysis.

Sentera is enabling every drone user to unlock the power of their data by offering AgVault™ and OnTop™ Software Platforms at affordably-priced tiered subscription levels. An annual subscription is now offered at 79% price reduction, unlocking the power of drone data management for an even larger market segment. Sentera is an industry-leading remote-sensing solution provider for the agriculture, infrastructure inspection, and public safety industries.

AgVault and OnTop Software are each offered at three subscription tiers: Pro, Viewer, and Mobile respective subscription pricing of $29, $12, and $5 per month. An annual Pro subscription is offered at $250.

"We have had an amazing response to both our AgVault and OnTop Software solutions. The tremendous response provided us with the ability to develop tiers and adjust our product pricing," said Greg Emerick, executive vice president of Business Development for Sentera. "Whether someone is looking to simply autonomously fly a drone and collect imagery, consult on a client's drone data, or immediately analyze true-NDVI data, AgVault and OnTop are positioned to help save every user both time and money."

Sentera's software solutions, AgVault and OnTop, are enabling users to fly and capture precise data, and use that data to create crop health maps, analyze cellular broadcast towers – and so much more.

Chris says his system enables customers to access revenue-driving analytics, consuming additional services on-demand while keeping the control of data and analysis in the customer's hands," noted Emerick.

"Reducing our annual Pro subscription to $250 opens up complete data control to a broader customer base," continued Emerick. "When developing our tiers, we recognized that some people simply want to consume data, or just fly a drone. We designed the Viewer, for $12 per month, and the Mobile App, for $5 per month, specifically with these two user groups in mind."  

Sentera's pricing and tiered subscription offerings come right on the heels of several recent feature enhancements. Some of the enhancements include:

• Simple Field Splitting: Quickly divide fields or parcels of land that need special attention

• Easy Image Omission: Easily exclude imagery that is irrelevant or out of a field boundary

• Enhanced Color Mapping: Efficiently distinguish between healthy and stressed plants with more vibrant and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) color maps Wizard

• Autonomous Flight Feature: Autonomously fly a DJI INSPIRE, PHANTOM 4, or PHANTOM 3 drone with an iOS smart device, ensuring the appropriate sideslip and overlap is captured for perfect images

• Battery Swap Feature: Plan as many acres of flight as you have batteries. AgVault Mobile will note the precise location where the drone left for a battery swap, resuming image capture from exactly where it left off

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