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David Sparks Ph.d Home Delivery
by David Sparks Ph.d, click here for bio

Program: Idaho Ag Today
Date: March 16, 2017

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Alan Reed, owner of Reed's dairy in Idaho Falls bought a business in the Treasure Valley where he is going to deliver dairy goods via truck to people’s homes and there is a reasoning behind his acquisition. "There are two reasons I believe. One of them is people like the convenience of not running out of milk, or bread, or eggs. Those seem to be the products people run out of about the time they are ready to cook breakfast at 6 o’clock in the morning so they like the convenience of having it brought to them and they don't have to worry about it. The other side is that people, more and more, in today's world are wanting to know where their food comes from so they like knowing that 24 hours ago that milk was in the cow and they know where the cows are, who takes care of them and how we take care of them so that really is farm to table in its best way. The locavore movement. Yes. Isn't it ironic in many ways that the locavore movement has reinstituted an old tradition. Yes, that's a good point. So you can open more stores in the Boise area. Yes.

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