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Rick Worthington Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead on ESA Modernization
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: July 23, 2018

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There is a discussion going on about possible changes to the Endangered Species Act, and it could have a big impact in the long run for Ranchers across the West.

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead even gave testimony before the U.S. Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee's hearing on Chairman John Barrasso's Endangered Species Act Amendments.

Mead outlined how the WGA’s approach to species recovery has proven successful. While WGA chair, Mead led the Species Conservation and Endangered Species Act Initiative, known as the Initiative. “This Initiative sought to (1) create a mechanism for states to share best practices in species management; (2) promote and elevate the role of states in species conservation efforts; and (3) explore ways to improve the efficacy of the ESA,” said Mead. This effort brought “a diverse group of stakeholders together to explore ways of improving the ESA and species conservation generally.” The Initiative helped the WGA learn about several successful approaches to species management, leading the WGA to adopt bipartisan policy resolutions to improve the ESA.

Ranchers in gray wolf country have never been fond of the wolves listing.

They have had they're hands tied in trying to protect herds from aggressive packs of wolves.

Backers of the Barrasso bill have also said that in the past, the ESA encourages lawsuits that tie up projects.

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