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Rick Worthington Dairy Farm Issues
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: April 30, 2018

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Dairy farmers across the nation are hurting, as the supply of dairy products is outpacing demand, and prices are dropping.

Roger Naerebout [NAIR-about] with the Idaho Dairymen's Association, says many dairy farms are having to sell off portions of their herds, or go out of business altogether, because prices are way down nationwide...

And Naerebout says, it's not just supply and demand, either...

He says Dairy Farmers needs two things...one is more producers of dairy products like cheese and yogurt, for farmers to sell their milk to. The other is a guest worker program specifically for the dairy industry, to ensure they have an ample workforce.

Naerebout says agriculture is still Idaho's biggest industry, and dairy makes up one third of Idaho agriculture.

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