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Rick Worthington Bovine Respiratory Disease
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: November 21, 2017

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Bovine respiratory disease is a cattle disease that is a major industry challenge, but a new technology could soon help.

The Whisper Veterinary Stethoscope System is a brand new product designed to help farmers and ranchers as well as veterinarians in the battle against Bovine respiratory disease.

BRD can be a difficult disease to diagnose. Dr. Jason Nickell with Merck says it's designed to capture the sound of an animal’s lungs.

It is targeted to help confirm the diagnosis for bovine respiratory disease and it generates a scale a number on a scale from 1 through 5 which reflects the magnitude or degree of disease at that animals in at the time that it is brought to the shoot and so as that number increases from 1 to 5 magnitude increases accordingly

And Dr. Nickell talks about what makes BRD so difficult to diagnose.

Bovine is wired to display predator-prey mentality and so their instincts are to conceal the fact that they're sick and so by the time that they actually display clinical signs it's likely that they've been sick for several days and now we are trying to get ahead of the ball game

for more information, you can head to WhisperCattle.com.

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