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Rick Worthington Farm Safety - Part 2
by Rick Worthington, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: October 09, 2017

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We are following up on Farm Safety again today, and while some of this might feel like a reminder to just use your common sense, it's still important to remind people some very basic safety instructions.

Here is a good example of that. Professor Michael Cruse reminds you that you have to take care of your physical health during a stressful season like the harvest.

"Again you go back to the things that you preach on you repeat repeat repeat -- and some of these when I write these things I try to actually write them towards the wife or the mother's or the support people to the farmers. Like, make sure they take water make sure they don't run out the door without eating something for breakfast."

And he says, he understands this is a critical period for a farmer’s bottom line. With that in mind, when the budgets are tight, it's still possible to be safety concious.

"That's what I was trying to drive home this year what are those little tiny things that could prevent a bonfire could you know. Somebody give them a warning before they rear end replace all of your equipment that's just completely but there's always something that you can do."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, says in 2015, 401 farmers and farm workers died from a work-related injury.

Tractor accidents were the leading cause of death for farmers and farm workers.

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