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KayDee Gilkey Perdue’s Confirmation Hearing Scheduled for This Week
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Farm and Ranch Report
Date: March 21, 2017

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Farm leaders in Washington expect smooth sailing for President Trump’s pick for USDA chief, now that former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue’s confirmation hearing has been scheduled. American Farm Bureau Director Dale Moore sums up AFB’s reaction to the news, the Senate Ag Committee has finally scheduled a long-awaited confirmation hearing for USDA-Secretary nominee Sonny Perdue, for this Thursday

Moore: “As you can imagine, all of us in agriculture are pretty excited. We’ve been waiting — some trying to be patience — certainly excited that all of the information that the Ag Committee needed to get that process scheduled. We look forward to that hearing being very robust hearing with lots of questions certainly with the President’s budget coming out.”


Moore predicts a “very efficient” process, hoping for full Senate confirmation, soon.

But before then, Moore admits Perdue with his many ag business interests and lengthy vetting by the White House, could face tough committee questioning…tape

Moore: “I certainly think that there will be a lot of questions asked and frankly for a lot of us in agriculture — it is his experience in agriculture that has us excited. To have someone of his caliber — not only in being a former governor in managing his state, but certainly as someone who has had his boots on the ground working both in the livestock end as a veterinarian and certainly in the grain business.”


Moore expects Perdue to handle the tough questions about his business dealings well adding, he believes Perdue’s confirmation will go more smoothly that some of President Trump’s other nominees.

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