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KayDee Gilkey Learning More About Co Egg Producers Exec
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: May 15, 2017

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The Colorado Egg Producers Executive Director Bill Scebbi has been at the helm for less than six months. Today we learn more about his background and his thoughts about his organization. Scebbi says two things have been a constant in his life are work with non-profits and agriculture.

Scebbi: “I’m originally an agricultural business major along with an animal science major from Cal-Poly at Pomona. I’ve been in Colorado since 1979. I’ve been in the association and non-profit world since that time. I’ve got a background in associations focusing on the welfare and care of animals along with work with Colorado Ag Council, the Colorado Livestock Care Coalition. I also work on Agritourism Committees for the state. I’m currently the Executive Director and CEO of the Colorado Horse Council as well. So I meet a lot of people in the ag world as well.”

He shares more about what he is enjoys about both of his roles.

Scebbi: “I really believe in the equine community and I really believe in the good that both horses provide for people and I really connect with the Egg Producers and all of the great charitable work they do in feeding the hungry community.”

The Colorado Egg Producers with their regular weekly and monthly donations, have donate an estimated 1 million eggs per year to local food banks.


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