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KayDee Gilkey Colorado Tourism Peer Mentorship Program
by KayDee Gilkey, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: March 15, 2017

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Learning lessons and gaining knowledge from mentors who have been in your shoes is always valuable. The Cultural Heritage, and the Agritourism Mentorship Program — known as CHAMP provides assistance to Colorado historical sites, museums, agritourism operations to help recipients grow their business.

Colorado Tourism Office Board of Directors member Courtney Frazier explains in addition to having a business plan in place — what is required of potential CHAMP recipients

Frazier: “So it does need to be a existing business and it needs to be a current operation but if there is a specific need — whether it is marketing, event planning, or PR, or increase a portion of that operation — that is right where the CHAMP program can come in and help these destinations.”

The process takes three to six months. Frazier shares the eligibility requirements of possible CHAMP recipients.

Frazier: “It is absolutely free for the CHAMP recipient. So after you fill out your application, you are paired with a mentor. You’ll go through 50 hours of assistance and it can include a wide range of issues or topics that the destination is looking to put together. For instance Berry Patch Farms in Brighton recently was the recipient of the CHAMP program mentorship. They had a pumpkin patch event that they were putting together and wanted to make it a bigger event. So they really wanted to expand the event, get the word out and add some other components.”

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