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Maura Bennett Gardner Standing Firm on States’ Rights to Legal Pot
by Maura Bennett, click here for bio

Program: Colorado Ag Today
Date: February 12, 2018

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Senator Cory Gardner is staying true to his promise to hold up Justice Department nominees over the state’s right to legalized marijuana.

Gardner has so far held up at least 11 nominees and could put a halt to 20 more.

In January Gardner said Attorney General Jeff Sessions went back on his word to not change the Obama era policy that said the federal government would not go after legalized marijuana in states where it was passed by voters. It was detailed in the so called Cole Memo.

Gardner who says he was against legalizing marijuana said the voters will must be followed and he called on Sessions and Pres. Trump to explain why the administration changed its policy…

“And they reverse their decision to reverse and withdraw the Cole Memorandum and that they reimplement and reinstate the Cole Memorandum. And until that happens I think I am obligated by the people of Colorado to take all steps necessary to protect the people of Colorado and their rights. And that’s why I will be putting a hold today on every single nominee to the Department of Justice.”

Gardner’s Aides told a media the Senator doesn’t expect to back down. It could be a long wait for nominees as Attorney General Sessions also doesn’t appear to be changing his view insinuating recently marijuana use leads to opioid addiction.

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