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Ag Weather Impacts
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Program: Ag Weather Impact
Date: August 07, 2018

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It’s fair week in Hermiston and wouldn’t you know it, some of the hottest temperatures of the summer heading this way. That semi-persistent high pressure ridge is re-building over the inland northwest and allowing hot desert air from the southwest states to drift north. Heat stress will be the main concern today through Friday, especially from about 10 am to 8 pm, for both outdoor workers and livestock. Sprinkling with water, shading, and air movement will be important for the livestock. Hydration and timing of the most strenuous activities to avoid the hottest temperatures are important for farm work. Average temperatures will be 15 to 20 degrees above normal and so fruits and vegetables will be ripening quicker than normal so daily inspection and harvest may be needed. Now, on last week’s program it looked like there was a chance for rain with a cold front coming late this week. Doesn’t look like that’s going to happen as moisture will remain west of the Washington Cascades and in Canada, but the weekend temperatures will definitely retreat to near normal for early August. The continued dry pattern will allow wheat harvest to finish in many areas. Look for irrigation demands to remain higher than normal at close to 2 inches for the week, except an inch and half for melons and lawns. Sprayers are advised that breezy conditions this weekend will make spraying risky due to drift potential.

The risk for rapid spread of any ongoing or fire starts will accompany this increase in wind.

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