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Ag Weather Impacts
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Program: Ag Weather Impact
Date: March 16, 2018

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As we leave winter, one of the first treats of spring is Asparagus. Yesterday, I talked with Gary Larsen of Larsen Farms just north of Pasco. Among other crops they have about 325 acres into Asparagus and have been growing for over 30 years. I asked Gary what time span is for Asparagus season in their area.

Gary: Basically from about the first of April to the first of June. Peak cutting time will be about the 10th of May. We usually cut most of our volume in May.

I asked what are some of the weather impacts for growing asparagus

Gary: Ideal growing conditions are about 75 degrees during the day and it cools off to about 60 degrees at night. Anything warmer than that, especially if the nighttime temperature is warm and it grows all night, and we have a tendency to have quality issues…the head starts opening up. It just grows too fast, because asparagus can grow 9-10 inches in a day. We don’t want those hot temperatures for quality reasons.

He said on his farm, the late February and early March freeze did no harm as the spears had yet to poke through the ground.

Gary: The fields are all still dormant. It takes about 45 degrees for those things to start moving in the ground. Last time we checked it was about 38 degrees.

Looking forward to some fresh steamed asparagus in April. My thanks to Gary Larsen of Larsen Farms for joining me today on Ag Weather Impacts.

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